Mutli-Cast Image Deployment Management Software in an Education Environment

deployment management for educationBy Tom Fedro

Over the last few weeks, we have seen an uptick in inquiries from the educational sector for our deployment management software. To help IT professionals evaluate the best software for their needs, we published a situational case study about a typical secondary educational setting and how our software, Deployment Manager, speeds up deployments of new machines and simplifies desktop refreshes so that classroom staff can perform a refresh without the help of the IT department.

Its small IT staff of 15 spent a significant amount of time refreshing desktops in their computer training classrooms; as well as preparing hundreds of machines simultaneously for staff use. One of the requirements was ensuring that deployments could be conducted to bare-metal, dissimilar hardware. The second requirement was to develop an efficient method of processing new deployments quickly and easily. It needed to automate the process of installation/refreshment and wanted expert tools and advice to conduct the deployments quickly and cost-effectively.

Paragon Software’s Deployment Manager re-imaging software was selected in part because of the list of features, including

  • Automated or manual deployment of individual or hundreds of systems
  • Multicast and unicast support
  • Customizable Linux and WinPE-based boot media
  • ConstantCast – cyclic multicast deployment session  add systems to deployment session while it’s running
  • Initiate deployment directly from the shop floor
  • Adaptive Imaging Tools – deploy one image to several dissimilar systems
  • Pre/post deploy configuration options
  • Scripting
To read the case study, visit our Case Study page at

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