Migrating from a Hard Disk Drive to a Solid State Drive can be Tricky Without the Right Tools

By Tom Fedro

The task of migrating the operating system, applications and files from one storage drive to another can be a slow and tedious process.

In the case of migrating system files from an HDD to an SSD, it can be especially complicated. The latest SSDs usually do not come with very high capacity. Smaller-sized drives and faster processing speeds are the norm. The robustness of SSDs is a prime benefit, which is leading more users to consider migrating their OS to SSDs to get the most out of their systems. The main obstacle they are facing is the modest capacity of SSDs for the price. So, how do you migrate an OS and hundreds of gigabytes of data on one huge volume to an SSD drive of 80-128GB? Without migration software, the only solution was to re-partition the HDD first, and then perform the migration using a special utility to separate the system and data, a process which risked data loss and was quite time consuming.

To help circumvent these potential issues, Centon Electronics Inc.  decided to include Paragon Migrate OS to SSD software in its SSD Notebook kits, bundled with their solid state drives (SSDs).

“After testing another party’s software with our SSDs, we decided to look for a more intuitive software solution,” said Aaron Campbell, product marketing manager for Centon Electronics. “I had worked with Paragon in the past, asked for a copy to test, and it worked perfectly. It was simple, quick and accurate. Exactly the solution we were searching for. Paragon was very responsive and more than willing to work with us even though we were not a large corporation. The customer and technical support was excellent and made us feel we were just as important as an International firm.”

Migrate OS to SSD provides easy copying of system data including the operating system, data files and applications to Centon’s SSDs. With an intuitive wizard-driven interface, the software automatically downsizes the source system volume, if needed; auto-aligns the copied system partition; and provides intelligent selection of specific files and folders for migration — all without rebooting the system.Paragon Migrate OS to SSD

Key features and benefits include file-exclusion technology (which increases migration speed), a simple and convenient wizard-driven graphical interface, automatic partition resize capability (prevents common issues when migrating system data from an HDD to a smaller SSD), automatic partition alignment awareness (to prevent redundant read/write operations), Microsoft Reserved Partition awareness, hot copy (without a system restart), and a smooth migration process regardless of the operating system.


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