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Corsair’s Obsidian Review (

“With a premium $349 price tag and a feature set that’s meant to appeal primarily to the liquid cooling crowd, this case is definitely not a mainstream product…”

Apple Launches Trade-in Program for iPhones (TechCrunch)

“The program allows customers to walk into physical retail stores and exchange an older model device for credit towards a new one…”

Will Ballmer Exit Ensure Microsoft Recovery? (TechCrunch)

“On the day Microsoft announced the eventual exit of its CEO a week ago today, its stock jumped past the $35 mark before settling at $34.75 in normal trading after closing the previous day at $32.39. At one point, Microsoft was worth $18 billion more…”

Facebook Seeks Internet for Everyone with (

“Facebook has now topped 1 billion users, and its greatest hope for continued growth is emerging markets, but what if people in those regions don’t actually have access to the Web?…”

Furthering the Cause of Internet for All…Google’s Project Loon (

“Google today confirmed plans to provide Internet access to underserved areas via high-flying balloons…”

China-based Cell Phone Manufacturer, Xiaomi, Worth $10B with Latest Investment Funding (VentureBeat)

“The company announced today that it has raised a fourth round of funding which more than doubles its previous $4 billion valuation…”

Amazon Testing Wireless Network for Customers (Bloomberg)

“Amazon has tested a new wireless network that would allow customers to connect its devices to the Internet…”

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